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Our Team

ArtGene has an outstanding and experienced team working together to bring our therapeutic to market.

M. Scott Maguire, Director

Scott, is early stage company accelerator, who built three companies and two divisions of larger companies.

Prior to Artgene Scott served as a chairman and CEO of Xenetic Biosciences Inc (XBIO) resulted in turning a company with 2 patents into a NASDAQ listing. Scott also co-founded Renal Services Ltd, a company which he has helped transform from a start up to one of the leading private providers of dialysis services in the UK. Raised over $200M in capital and executed license deals in excess of $150M.



Carlos Alberto Melo, Ph.D, scientific and business advisor

Dr. Carlos Melo is a molecular biologist with more than 30 years of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical business. Dr. Melo is one of the pioneers and most experienced people in the world in the field of gene therapy. Dr. Melo’s developments in the industry led to a number of patents approved in US, EU and many other regions and to sales of more than $2 Billion in 40 countries and raised $600 million for biotech manufacturing company in Latin America.

Carlos directed the production of several plasmids for human gene therapy and was responsible for the first successful phase I clinical trial in Latin America using gene therapy: use of plasmids expressing vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) for heart revascularization and tissue regeneration. Carlos served as an Executive Director of Ache Laboratories, which is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Latin America and Director for Science and technology of government of Buenos Aires. Carlos has extensive experience in research, product development and manufacturing of synthetic and extractive pharmaceutical compounds and mainly gene therapy (VEGF, EGF, FGF, angiogenesis), therapeutic recombinant proteins (IFNβ, EPO, Filgrastim, Lenograstim, hGH, IFNα 2A, IFNα 2B, PTH), and vaccines (HIV, HPV, cholera, typhoid fever, rotavirus), among others. Proven business expertise related to biosimilar drugs. Carlos is University professor of Biotech and Business.

Max Tvishor, President and co-founder.

Max is a serial entrepreneur having founded 3 companies across the US over 25 years. Max played a lead role in managing and developing these start up companies.

Max holds the position of Vice President of Operations at leading international reproductive genetics company headquartered in Chicago USA. Max has an extensive experience working with regulatory authorities (FDA) in ensuring compliance with regulations, obtaining and maintaining licensing and certification of cGMP laboratories, building out reproductive health and genetic testing laboratories, negotiating contracts for manufacturing of cell and gene products, working on patent protection and business development in the area of reproductive health services, genetic testing and biotechnology.

Artur Isaev, MBA, co-founder
Dr. Isaev is the founder and CEO of Human Stem Cell Institute (HSCI, www.eng.hsci.ru), which is listed on the Moscow stock exchange. He is also the founder of Gemabank® – the largest private cord blood stem cell bank in Eastern Europe.

Under Dr. Isaev's leadership, HSCI is engaged in drug discovery, R&D and marketing of innovative proprietary products and services in the fields of regenerative medicine, bio-insurance, medical genetics, including reproductive genetics, gene therapy, and bio-pharmaceutics. HSCI brought Neovasculgen®, the first-in-class gene-therapy drug for the treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), including Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI), to the Russian and Ukranian markets.

Artur Isaev holds a MD from Rostov State Medical University (1994). He is the winner of the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Russia.

Ken Malone - BHI Representative Board Member
Dr. Ken Malone has engaged in the commercialization of hundreds of new products in advanced materials and life sciences and managed new ventures with the world’s leading researchers to translate science into business such as: DiPole Materials, Inc.,SciGenesis, SilcsBio, VakSea Inc., 3DBioWorks Inc., Asulon Therapeutics, Inc., Ablitech, Inc., Y-Carbon, Inc., and Tarsier Optics, Inc.

Dr. Malone is an Entrepreneur-in-residence at BioHealth Innovation, a Maryland non-profit that sources and evaluates market-relevant bioheath intellectual properties, connects the IP with funding, and assists businesses in marketing and growth. He is also the cofounder of Early Charm Ventures, a Baltimore-based investment and consulting firm that backs seed-stage technology commercialization. He previously served as Director of the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at The University of Southern Mississippi. Before that, he worked ten years in the chemicals industry, bringing dozens of new products to market and leading capital investment opportunities in China, India, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and the Americas.

Dr. Malone holds a Ph.D. in polymer science and a B.S. in biochemistry.

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